My Name Is Janez Janša on big screen again!

Juliana Snapper

Finally the time for the screening of our movie in Ljubljana has come.

My Name Is Janez Janša will be screened twice at 23rd International Ljubljana Film Festival in the avantpremieres section, on Nov. 11th at 9 pm at Cankarjev dom and on Nov. 16th at 9.30 pm at Kinodvor in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

It has been said and written so much in the past about this movie, especially from people who never watched it and whose primary intention was the public discredit of its authors and stopping the movie from being released.

It has been said that “the movie is pornographic”. It has been hindered the production. It has been asked the Slovenian Film Center to consider withdrawing its financial support to this production. It has being written that the law in Slovenia will be changed in order to “provide legal grounds for the minister’s discretion management or elimination of such projects at his will”. It has been written that the movie is completely out of place as “instigates political mockery and hatred and discredit an individual”. It has been written that the documentary “is an audio-visual record of sorts, which could have been made for the internet by anyone, without them getting the taxpayers’ money to do it, of course”

Now it’s about the time to set a mirror in front of these people.

Let’s screen the movie and see what the audience has to say. Looking forward!


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