Last week there were a lot of important things to do around the movie the main one being the organization of the Live Crowdfunding Party at BI-KO-FE. Luckily I had great support both from the owners of the place and from my friends and collaborators. Also the press was quite helpful I have to say. At the end the party was just great. A lot of people but, most of all, lots of good vibes. The music of DJ Bakto was just the right stuff for the occasion and the projections of the movie excerpts on the walls did the rest.

We were able to collect almost 600 Euro for our movie while having fun! Now we just need very little to finally reach the goal. The final countdown has started. This is the last week!

If you haven’t yet contributed to the project this is the right moment to do it!

We have no good photos of the party as we were too busy enjoying it. But here you have pics of the 4 T-Shirts we produced for the event. Do you like them?

Click, Janez

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