My name is Janez Janša and I am the director of the documentary »My name is Janez Janša«. Right now the film is in its postproduction phase. In this phase we resorted to an innovative way of financing our project: crowdfunding or funding by the masses. In this way a high number of individuals financially support creative projects by offering small or large amounts and thus ensure that good ideas are realized. Most of the funds, which will be collected through the crowdfunding platform Verkami, will be used for the postproduction of the international cinema and shorter television versions of the film and their worldwide distribution. You can support the film »My name is Janez Janša« through the webpage www.verkami.com/projects/1752-janez-jansa/lang/en. As a thank you for the support we will give out interesting rewards – ranging from mentioning your name in the end credits to works of art.

Stay tuned and you will be the first to know what’s going on in the following weeks.

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  3. Wonderful article, I must say i enjoy up-dates of your stuff.


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