Crowdfunding rewards

12€ reward You’ll get ‘Special Thanks’ credit on the film, on the film’s website and social media. [CONTRIBUTE] ——————————————————————————————————————– 18€ reward You’ll be able to download the file of the documentary »My name is Janez Janša« and be among the … Continue reading

Do you want exclusive T-shirt of your choice?

If you contribute 40€ to our crowdfunding action, you will get one of 4 exclusive T-shirts of your choice, a copy of the limited edition DVD of »My name is Janez Janša« autographed by the 3 artists Janez Janšas your … Continue reading


My name is Janez Janša and I am the director of the documentary »My name is Janez Janša«. Right now the film is in its postproduction phase. In this phase we resorted to an innovative way of financing our project: … Continue reading