Janez Janša free at last

The director’s cut of My Name is Janez Janša is now available on-line for FREE with additional subtitles in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Czech and Croatian languages:

A special edition of the movie has been made for the Slovenian-speaking audience:

The liberation of the film is the final step of the triple publishing initiative [FREE] Janez Janša, a series of on-line publishing events inspired by the documentary film itself.

FREE Janez Janša started in December 2014 with the publishing of the essay What’s in a Name? by Slovenian philosopher, cultural theorist and film critic Mladen Dolar. The essay takes us on a philosophical joy ride through the name and naming as well as the name changing of the three artists known as Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša.

The second publishing event involved the launch of a special guest blog. From January to May 2015 the “No Land’s Man” and pioneer of net.art Vuk Ćosić teased our curiosity and stimulated our intellectual desire by presenting a series of articulated blog posts on topics such as Names, Pseudonyms, Multiple Names, Improper names, etc.. The posts also included over 50 clips that never made it into the final cut of the film My Name is Janez Janša.

Contributions by Jan Fabre, Ubermorgen, Eva and Franco Mattes, Antonio Caronia, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Mladen Dolar, Marco Deseriis, Geoff Cox, Catherine Soussloff, Lev Kreft and many others have been collected HERE.

Many thanks to Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, steirischer herbst, Graz, Artribune, and the platform Masters&Servers for supporting this project.

What’s In a Name?

For several years now, steirischer herbst has been accompanying Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša. It was with them we made our first major exhibition and published the book NAME Readymade back in 2008.

Now, we are back there: same festival, same gallery… Forum Stadtpark.

This time we take our documentary movie My Name is Janez Janša as the starting point for the project [FREE] Janez Janša, a series of on-line publishing events, presenting content and free materials related to the film which will be delivered to you over the next months: the first one is a brand new essay by Mladen Dolar. A special guest blog written by Vuk Ćosić will then be launched on January 6th 2015. And finally in April a FREE online release of the movie will be made available online to everyone with subtitles in seven languages. All of this thanks to our partners and friends from steirischer herbst and Artribune.

The essay What’s in a Name? by Mladen Dolar is already out. The Slovenian philosopher, cultural theorist and film critic gives us a philosophical joy-ride through the name and naming as well as name change of the three artists known as Janez Janša, Janez Janša and Janez Janša.

You can get your free e-copy (pdf and ePub) or purchase your own printed booklet HERE. The Print on Demand copy doesn’t really cost much. Anyway, should you want to pay even less please visit us at the Aksioma | Project Space in Ljubljana or go to the steirischer herbst’s online shop and you’ll get it for 5 Euro only!

In about an hour we’ll be presenting Dolar’s new work for the first time in public at Forum Stadtpark introduced by the screening of our movie.

Here goes a short preview for our online followers… enjoy it!

Janez, Janez, Janez

Janez Janša is Back Home!

Dear supporters, dear followers,

It seamed I will never make it, but I’m finally back home!

It was tough hard and stressful. One just need to understand how the system works, persevere and never give up. That’s what I did and they finally let me go. I was the most happy man in the world when I could finally hug my family and my kids after such an odyssey. Now the nightmare is over. I’m back on tracks, ready to continue with renewed spirit and with more determination than before!

I Love Janez Janša

My friends and I celebrating the end of troubles at Heathrow Airport, 12 Dec 2014.

What happened?

Flights disrupted at Heathrow as computer failure caused chaos. My flight was delayed and missed the connection in Zurich. Had to spend the night there after cueing for hours to reschedule the flight and get a place to sleep. Exhausting…

No matter, the tour in UK was well worth it anyway. The screening of My Name is Janez Janša at the Royal College of Arts was well attended. Among the audience Richard Barbrook, Rod Dickinson and Bernadette Buckley, to spice up a bit the Q&A.

The main problem though is always the same: to make sure a local audience identifies at its best with the issue you are addressing. So this time we decided to help them a little:

Janez Janša, Janez Janša, Janez Janša as Prince Williams

After London we moved to Kent for two more gigs: one at the UCR Canterbury and the other at the Turner Contemporary in Margate where we involved the local audience in an experiment related to our next project titled Trust.

To know what the project Trust is all about I’m afraid you’ll still have to wait a bit. For now, just know that we challenged the audience to give us their valid Credit Cards that we then signed (all three of our signatures on the back of each card) in front of their eyes.

Signed Credit Cards

Group selfie with signed Credit Cards

Thanks again to Emma Brasó and Ben Dalton for the impeccable organization and the quality audience they were able to involve!

Janez Janša